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Choose a custom made mattresse for your Yacht and drift softly to sleep whenever you are on the sea.
Our mattresses are designed to fit any size or shape, specifically crafted for marine use, to minimize the retention to dampness, whilst providing full lumbar and comfortable night on board.
All the Yacht mattresses can be personalized with cabin or boat etiquette.
Guest Cabin Mattresses & Crew Cabin Mattresses. Each Mattress is designed for a peculiar use.
Click here for a tutorial about how to produce your own mattress template.

Guest Cabin Mattresses & Toppers

Depth: 23 to 29 cm + 5 cm Topper (optional).

Pocket and Topper Capitonné Springs.

All the Mattresses can be equipped with memory foam or custom made TOPPER. Toppers are made with polyester wadding with knitted fabric treatment, Are flame retardant, hypoallergenic, with a depth up to 5 cm.

Crew Cabin Mattresses

Depth: 10/14/18/22 cm.

Where extra comfort is required for extended use, the additional latex or memory foam layer provides full body support and softness.

Latex is recommended for boats being used in hotter climates as it is cooler and breathes better being a natural foam product.

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