Yacht Cover produces 100% handcrafted Leather Interior Covers for Luxury Yachts. Leather Table Covers, Yacht Leather Furniture Covers, Yacht Door Handles Leather Covers.

We offer a wide range of high quality products produced with materials fully compliant to the main international standards.

Our Luxury Yacht interior Leather covers can efficiently protect Your Yacht’s furniture & equipments. 

We area able to produce both Leather Covers or  Yacht Fabric Covers, according to your requirements & preferences.

Leather - Color Chart
Technical Features
  • Bovine Leather - European Origin. Thickness 0.9-1.1 mm.
  • Tear Strenght : Single edge tear
  • Colour Fasteness to Rubbing : Dry 500 cycles
  • Colour Fasteness to Rubbing : Wet 250 cycles
  • Colour Fasteness to Rubbing : Sweat 80 cycles
  • Flexing Endurance : Dry 50.000 cycles
  • Finish Adhesion : Dry
  • Colour fastness to artificial light : UNI EN ISO 105 B02 (METY.5) : > = 5
  • Burning Behaviour to cigarette and match flame : BS 5852:1979 : PASS

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