YACHT COVER can proudly supply high quality custom made leather coat hangers in order to meet your exclusive needs.
We will define the design, the size and the color according to your preferences.
All the yacht coat hangers can be personalysed with the Yacht Logo, and no brand name will be showed on the hangers.
You can select between hundreds of hides, different from width, texture and patterns.
Thanks to our knowledge in the old fashioned craft technique we create customized leather accessories for the Yachts.

Each product is totally Made in Italy, produced with the best quality leather.
Leather - Colors
Leather - Technical Features
  • Bovine Leather - European Origin. Thickness 0.9-1.1 mm.
  • Tear Strenght : Single edge tear
  • Colour Fasteness to Rubbing : Dry 500 cycles
  • Colour Fasteness to Rubbing : Wet 250 cycles
  • Colour Fasteness to Rubbing : Sweat 80 cycles
  • Flexing Endurance : Dry 50.000 cycles
  • Finish Adhesion : Dry
  • Colour fastness to artificial light : UNI EN ISO 105 B02 (METY.5) : > = 5
  • Burning Behaviour to cigarette and match flame : BS 5852:1979 : PASS
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